About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Company

Penotee is a multi-activities limited company that was established in late 2014. Penotee works in partnerships with international brands and is highly dedicated to deliver medical systems solutions and healthcare technologies.

We are an evolution of the concepts that has been used in the last years of our business experience in the medical field, and we continue to represent a benchmark manufacturer within the market today, and we honor our rich heritage by ensuring that we maintain our standards for excellence continuity.

Penotee represents international strong partners, each of these partners was a player in one or more of the various segments of the Healthcare Market and they were united by a common vision concerning the future of healthcare business in Sudan and the strong belief that through this strategic alliance and the optimiza-tion of their financial and Manpower resources will be empowered to face the development of the market.

Our Mission

Sustaining and continuously improving communication and teamwork with its various functions.

Maintaining win-win partnership and exceeding customer expectation by providing latest innovative technologies.

Providing innovative solutions and high quality products backed with comprehensive and cost effective services.

Developing customer awareness through various communication channels.

Attracting and retaining world class professionals.

Maximizing opportunities and resources, to overcome market challenges.


As a company targeting to be the leader of the market, Penotee places top priority on leadership and ethical business practices. This means acting ethically and in compliance with laws. At Penotee, we believe leadership and ethics start at the top, and our commitment to corporate governance and accountability to stockholders is embodied in all our corporate governance policies.

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